In this episode, Rick & Sal discuss Battletoads for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The brothers break down the infamous classic, as they play music from the Sega port. Also included are a few tracks from the Nintendo version, both composed by the great David Wise.  Enjoy the Waves!

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Platform: NES (1991) & Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (1993)

Developed: Rare

Published: Tradewest

Composer: David Wise


Opening Song

Title Theme (GEN/MD)

Break #1

Ragnarok's Canyon (Level 1)

Wookie Hole (Level 2)


Pause Music (NES)


Break #2

Turbo Tunnel Part 1 (Level 3-1)

Turbo Tunnel Part 2 - Speeder Bike (NES)

Turbo Tunnel Part 2 - Speeder Bike (GEN/MD)

Arctic Caverns (Level 4)  


Break #3

Surf City (Level 5)

Karnath's Lair (Level 6) (Snake Level)

Volkmire's Inferno Part 1 (Level 7-1)

Volkmire's Inferno Part 2 - Jet Turbo (Level 7-2)


Break #4

Intruder Excluder & Terra Tubes

Rat Race (Level 10)


Final Break

Clinger-Winger (Level 11)

The Revolution (Level 12)

Boss Music

Game Over

Battletoads Theme (NES)


OutRun - Last Wave

All music recorded from original gaming hardware.

Richard Caruso