In this episode Rick and Sal talk about the fan favorite DuckTales. They talk about the origin of the series, break down some of the gameplay, talk about the remastered Disney Afternoon collection, and as always jam out to some tunes. Enjoy the Waves!

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Episode 11: Disney's Duck Tales

Platform: NES (1989)

Developed & Published: Capcom

Designers: Keiji Inafune & Tukuro Fujiwara

Composer: Hiroshige Tonomura


Intro - Duck Tales Theme

  1. Land Select
  2. The Amazon

Break #1

  1.   Gyro's Flying Machine/ Bonus Level
  2.   Transylvania
  3.   Boss Theme

Break #2

  1.   African Mines
  2.   The Himalayas

Break #3

  1.   The Moon
  2.   DuckTales Theme (TV Version)

Outro - OutRun - Last Wave

All video game music recorded from original hardware

1967 Scrooge McDuck and Money


Richard Caruso