M I X T A P E - S I D E - A

TAPE VOL 2.jpeg

This month, Rick and Sal are taking a break from a full episode to relocate the studio and will be back in the New Year. For now they are dropping a collection of tracks to hold you over. Enjoy the Waves! 


Streets of Rage - Opening Theme (GEN/MD)

M I X T A P E - S I D E - A

Snatcher - One Night in Neo Kobe City (SEGA CD)

Mega Man 3 - Theme (NES)

Hagane - Stage 2-2 (SNES)

Metroid - Ending Theme (NES)

Final Fantasy IV/VI - Fanfare  (Tastes like Victory)   (SNES MSU-1)


Out Run - Last Wave (GEN/MD)

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Richard Caruso